Charles Ellefson
December 23, 2021

The members of The Chippewa Fire Department join the Ellefson family in mourning the loss of retired firefighter, Charlie Ellefson.

Charlie joined the department in 1976. Proudly serving our community for forty years, he retired in 2016 and reached the rank of Lieutenant during his tenure.

Back in the day, Charlie was instrumental in setting up one of our major fundraisers, our annual new car raffle. He spent hours arranging the purchase of the vehicle, getting the tickets printed and distributed. At every carnival, he could be found at the raffle table making sure everyone had an opportunity to purchase a chance on the car.

Charlie loved his family, his community and his fire department and even in retirement, anxiously awaited our annual fire department banquet each year.

To the Ellefson family, we thank you for the years of support and sacrifices you’ve endured so that Charlie could give back to his community so passionately and for so long.


jeri Householder Carver December 24, 2021 at 11:38 AM
My prayers for the Ellefson family. Chuck was a great guy. Enjoyed our camping days back in the late 60s and the 70s. Lots of great memories of all of you.