Busy, busy, busy…
September 5, 2022

Last Tuesday members from Chippewa were joined by members of South Beaver, station 61 for training. The house is an acquired structure within our township that is set for demolition.

Crews practiced search techniques as well as Rapid Intervention skills utilizing an artificial smoke machine for a sense of reality!

On Saturday morning, we were alerted for a motor vehicle accident, car into a structure at the Blackhawk Golf Course.
Both the striking vehicle and the event pavilion suffered major damage. The driver of the vehicle was transported to
the hospital for treatment of unknown injuries.

Other units assisting on scene were the Patterson area fire departments of Patterson Township and Patterson Heights, Medic Rescue Ambulance, Chippewa Police, and Sully’s Towing.

Later that afternoon, members of both Chippewa and Beaver Falls Fire Departments enjoyed some good food, fun and camaraderie at a joint picnic held at Chippewa Park.

Sunday afternoon Chippewa assisted at not one but, two different basement fires.
The first one in Darlington boro and the second in Big Beaver.

In Darlington, Rescue 22 responded as the Rapid Intervention Team but was reassigned upon arrival to assist in Fire attack.

Crews from Chippewa were divided and assisted in fire attack, search and ventilation operations.

In Big Beaver, both Engine and Rescue 22 were dispatched but were cancelled and returned to service before arriving on scene.